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Own it. Make it. Protect it.

Together we can make a safer internet so that you can create, well, anything you want. Knowledge is the first step.
Know your URLs
Once you own an SLD, you can set up a subdomain (or several), like and
Second-level domain (SLD)
This is the part you can register and own. On, google is the SLD. On, safe is the SLD.
Top-level domain (TLD)
On, .com is the TLD. There are other TLDs too, like .page, .app, and .dev.
When you own an SLD, you can set up your own paths, too. For example, /contest is the path for
Phishing – don’t take the bait
A bad actor can set up a URL that may look legitimate in an attempt to dupe you. But if you look closely, you’ll know that is not really Google.
Info Read the entire URL, don’t just scan it.
Double-check domains
Any time you’re asked to change a password or share sensitive info, double-check the domain. If in doubt, go directly to the known domain.
Info If in doubt, type the trusted URL yourself.
Connect securely
An HTTPS connection encrypts your data. Always make sure you’re securely connected when you enter sensitive info like payments and passwords.
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Info Browsers like Chrome will warn you if your connection isn’t secure.
Keep your data safe
Just because a connection is secure, doesn’t mean that the content is always safe. Bad actors can use HTTPS too, so context is everything.
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Info Make sure your connection is secure and that the URL is trustworthy.
Build on solid ground
Put your best foot forward with a secure website. Google Registry has several top-level domains that all require a secure connection: .app, .dev, .page, .day.
Be among creators
Portfolios, social causes, design and development blogs – see what others are creating on .page, .app, and .dev domains.
Team up with the best
Once you’ve picked your secure domain, you can get started building your site. We've partnered with to help you get started.